I´m here to help you work
smarter, be more productive 

& save time.

Be consistent in your business.
Get things done with ease.
Have an abundant relationship with time.
Have a simple plan you want to follow.
Have rock solid self-trust and confidence in yourself.

Make an amazing work/life balance.

Have your back.

You became an entrepreneur to have more freedom & more time.

Meaning, you want to 

I hava a plan to show you how ...

1:1 coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to work smarter, be more productive & save time.

2-Month Program

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I help entrepreneurs like you be more in charge over your time by working smarter, not harder. It's my superpower to help you simplify and automate your business so that it works for you. How can I help you with this? By teaching you how to simplify, to be more proactive with your time and to plan for your best work. It's not how much you have that matters, but how you use the time you have. 

Meet your new time mentor

I’m Helen – time management coach, nature lover , thinker & introvert.