4-Month Program

The key to being a powerful CEO of your time is changing your relationship with yourself, your calendar, and your time.

It's a mix of learning and implementing tools and strategies and backing it up with the mindset work that is required to follow through on your work.

You'll go from feeling



Plan your work in advance to save time and energy.

Spend less time working while making a bigger impact.

Stop doing things last minute or putting off work.

Stop rebelling against your calendar.

Create an amazing work/life balance.

Take ownership over your time and how you want to spend it.

In the 4-month 1:1 coaching
program you will learn how to:

"When you know you can put anything you want on your calendar and you know it's as good as done... You become unstoppable."

Investment: $2,500

It's an investment for life. Learning to be in charge of your time is one of the most time (and moneysaving) skill you can have.