The time management coach for coaches & entrepreneurs who wants take control over their time.

I'm Helen Zetterlund.

What if you could run a successful business and never have to stress over things that need to get done ever again?!

You can!

I get it! I was there too.

Not too long ago, I was in the exact place as you are now! Feeling like the things I was doing wasn't enough and how I always should be doing more. Not feeling like I had enough enough for my business or my life.

I had many unfinished projects and loose ends because I told myself that I wasn't a "finisher".

I spent the first year my business being scattered, unsure about how I should to spend my time, working twice as much as I told myself I would, feeling guilty for taking time away from my business and burning myself out.

You are my people! You’re smart and have a strong passion to serve and to make the world a better place. You became an entrepreneur for a reason. To help. To do what you love and to be in charge of your time. 

As your time management coach, I don’t spend our time together agreeing with you and telling you what to do, you are the CEO of your business and you know what's best for you.

What I will do is help you take control over your time in a way that feels amazing to you. I want you to end all your workweek feeling like a rockstar. That means getting things done in less time and effort, reach your goals faster, and have lots of time to rest, for yourself and for all the people in your life.

Believe it or not, being in charge of your time is pretty much effortless once you’ve worked through all of the things that are holding you back.

I love coaching badass entrepreneurs

So where do we start?

If you’re a coach or entrepreneur who is ready to change how you think about time for good, click below to sign up for a consult call with me, and let’s talk and see if my program is the best next step for you!


I really thought I needed more time

I was convinced that I just needed more time so I could do all the things. At one point I even quit my full time-job, only to discover that time wasn't the real issue after all. You can have a lot of time and still not be very productive with it. What it did for me is it gave me more time to be confused, more time to second-guess my decisions and more time looking for the solutions outside of me. 

When I learned to be in charge of my time and be the powerful and productive CEO of my business I didn't need as much time as I thought I did. And I promise you, neither do you.

Sound impossible? Maybe that’s because you’ve tried a bunch of ways of optimizing your time but haven't found a way that works for you (yet)?

Maybe you don't feel like you don't have enough time to slow down and plan ahead, or you are tired of making plans that you know you're not going to follow through on.

And maybe you have to-do lists that's just isn't enough? You are checking off things, but more often than not you end up check off are the easy and quick things, not the things that you know are really important for your business.