Nadine Weis

Binge eating coach

Helen is THE go-to person for anything related to time-management, goal creation, and making things happen without stress! Her coaching took me to the next level both in my mindset and my ability to wrangle my crazy calendar. Now, my business is more focused, I'm doing things that are moving the needle forward. I'm only focusing on the most important things which helps me get my projects done. I've learned the skill of taking on project, breaking it down and following it though all the way through which has made a big impact in my business. I trust myself and have my own back.

Helen's program is profound, and the results are life-changing. For a person like myself with life-long struggles with time, time management and always feeling behind, unfinished, and scattered, it was like walking into a peaceful and beautifully lit oasis of calm. Helen beautifully embodies a new approach for time-lost people - a new WAY OF BEING, lighting the path to peace and productivity for the flustered person. If that sounds miraculous, IT IS. Also, she is the loveliest person ever to spend time with and learn from. Thank you, Helen!

Martha Doornink

Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach and M.Ed.

I made the decision to work with Helen because I wanted weekly coaching on planning and honoring my plan. She absolutely helped me uncover some obstacles I was having, and I was able to get to the level I wanted to. I appreciated her insight and humor, also her acceptance of me. She also had some great worksheets/bonuses that I will continue to refer to as I start my own business. And the BEST thing: I now know the things on my calendar are there because I want to do them, tasks are results oriented, and I know they are as good as done! Thank you Helen!      

Laurie Schroeder

Life coach

I enjoyed Helen’s program so very much and I think I could even benefit from taking it again. I had never worked on my time management before and I really appreciated learning about setting time boundaries, time blocking, managing my thoughts around being “too busy” and planning my week ahead of time. This has made me so much more productive in my business and I am very grateful to Helen for the concise and easily understandable way she presents her program. 

Tracey Lammert

General Life coach

After going through the program It's like day and night! I have a clear path to follow, I'm more confident in myself, and I trust myself. I know myself better. I’m more structured, I have my own back . Before I had everything in my head but nothing happened. Now I'm more organised with myself, my time and with my clients. I'm proud of myself for creating my podcast. To open up and be vulnerable even when not everyone will agree with me.

Céline Carboni

Life coach

Going through the program I’ve learned how I in a structured way can make a simple plan for my projects and know how to follow up on them. I keep myself accountable to follow through on my strategy and are aware of what my obstacles are that are keeping me from showing up. I’m proud of myself for making a plan to create a pilot project, get everything done and be ready to take my first people through it in just six weeks! The most important thing I learned is that things don’t take time and that I can, in fact, pick a project, like a pilot project, and get it done fast when I have a plan and know what needs to be done.

Sophie Resare

Business Developer 

When I first started working with Helen, I was already using MHO in a weekly meeting with myself. Helens’ ability to bring my level of awareness about how I see and use my time to create a presence on social media was everything to me. My goal with her was to post more on social media because it was an extension of myself, and I wanted to use my platform to reach others with my message. I can see how my perspective from fear and vulnerability about putting myself out there has shifted to allow my presence to be natural and if it became vulnerable that’s ok too. The most impactful thing for me was her coaching and belief that I could be the person I wanted to be on my social media, and I did it. It’s making progress with each post or lives I do, and I owe my acknowledgment and gratitude to her and her work in this world. Thanks, Helen. 

Gwen Scott

The Bariatric Life Coach 

Working with Helen during the last couple of years helped me not only see where I was using my time poorly, she was able to teach me how to come up with the thoughts that deliver the life I so deeply desire.

Erin Nouelle

Life coach

Helen is a genius when it comes to time. I learned to stop telling myself “I’m behind” which was a big reason why I was stressed and overwhelmed. Amazingly, in a short amount of time I stopped being behind on my to do list. Right now I’m not behind at all. It feels like a miracle. 

I can go about my daily tasks and make more empowered choices around how I’m spending my time. I’m getting more done with less drama. I loved working with Helen. She’s so compassionate and a has a fresh perspective on time management.

I would recommend her to anyone who feels overwhelmed with all the tasks that come along with being an entrepreneur. I literally thought I would have stress around time for the rest of my life and after working with Helen I see that I can actually get my work done and have space and ease in my life. No stress necessary.

Kristin LaFontaine

Life and Business Coach for Small Business owners 


Going through Helen’s program taught me so much more than I expected. The first thing I learned was how to create a routine of scheduling things on my calendar weekly. It was so reassuring and boosted my self-trust muscle to know that everything I scheduled for the week would get done. This decreased my stress and I was able to relax and enjoy my free time so much more. Such a gift! 

The next thing the boot camp helped me do was to get clear on what exactly was getting in my way when it came down to getting things done. Through Helen’s expert coaching and great questions, I was able to get beyond the “too busy” excuses to see why I was avoiding certain things by distracting myself. It all became clear and then so much more manageable when I knew the real reasons behind my actions.  

I am becoming a full-time entrepreneur and Helen’s program has helped me to shift my identity from just being the coach working in my business to fully stepping into the CEO and owner of my business. By learning how to schedule and follow through on my business tasks I feel more capable and competent.  

Helen’s Bootcamp has helped me in so many surprising ways. Her voice is in my head daily with her powerful and simple question “How can we make this easy?”   

Margot Hanley

Life coach

Helen's program was transformational because it simplified my idea of what planning meant.

It wasn't about perfectly identifying and executing a week's worth of events on my calendar, but instead about getting crystal clear about the results I wanted to create in my business. That meant making decisions and simplifying my focus.

Once I did that, success was inevitable by just following through on the few items I had identified to move me forward that week.

Anthea Dunks

Master Certified Coach

I loved working with Helen!

She helped me so much with scheduling my time. It's always been an area that I have struggled with. I am more proactive in scheduling my time and sticking to my schedule. 

She also helped me to think differently about my business and my offers which has resulted in more clients!

Donna meade

Health and Weight Loss Coach for Women in Menopause