You became an entrepreneur because you are passionate about what you do. 

You want more freedom.

You want to be in charge of your time and schedule.

Problem is, most of us haven't been taught how to be in charge of our time.

Most of us are good at keeping deadlines, promises, and being accountable to other people

(because that us what we have been taught to to), but very few of us have learned to be accountable to ourselves. 

And how this shows up in our own business is we don't use trust that we have the answers for how we should spend our time, we feel overwhelmed and scattered and we keep showing up to our businesses as employees rather than the CEO. 

And on top of that, the majority of the women I talk to work way more than they need to.

We think that more time = more time but that is simply not true.

You can have all the time and still not use it effectively. 

Time is not the determining factor. How you spend your time and what energy you are fuling your work with is.


You'll go from feeling



You will learn how to:

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(10 000 SEK)

The 2-Month Program

Are you ready to be in charge of your time and the results you create?

The 1:1 coaching program for female entrepreneurs who are ready to work smarter and save time. 

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Plan your work work in advance to save time and energy

Become the CEO of your business

Create an amazing work/life balance.

Create an abundant relationship with your time and calendar.

Follow your schedule with ease.

Figure out how you want to think & feel about your time and what you want to spend your time on.


Make a simple plan based on what you want to create.
Constrain & focus on what is most important to you.


Work on your mindset around time & showing up as the CEO for your company.


Understand how you think and feel about your time now and what spend time on today.



Learn to honor and follow though on your calendar & plan with ease.

The 5 steps to working
smarter & save time